Reiki is a hands on or slightly above, natural healing method that promotes health & wellness. It is energy healing that allows your energy (ki) to flow at it's best. Based on the transferring of energy, Reiki is said to release blocked energy from parts of our body while moving it to the areas in need of healing.

 We are trained in the Usui system, a traditional type of Reiki. The Usui system is the original method of Reiki, originally from Japan. It is a simple & gentle, yet powerful technique that treats the whole person, body, mind, emotions and spirit. Reiki has been know to effectively help all known illnesses and complements both western and eastern medicine.  

A typical treatment lasts 1.5 hours and it is performed over the clients clothing.  If there is a particular area or issue that needs to be addressed, several treatments every day in a row might be necessary to find relief.  During the session, a client will be reclined on a massage table, lying sideways or seated if more comfortable.  The clients responsibility is only to relax and drift off into "reikiland".

The Benefits of Reiki

  •  stress relief
  •  pain relief deep relaxation
  • improved health & wellness
  • increases energy
  • brings mind, body, & spirit into alignment
  • provides clarity
  • heightens self awareness
  • helps break stuck patterns
  • more inner peace & happiness
  • reduces the use of pain medication
  • improves relationships
  • enhances & strengthens your spiritual practice
  • receive energetic nourishment (hope, strength, love)
  • maximizes your potential
  • a great meditation practice
  • more positivity
  • fosters personal growth
  • accelerates the healing process
  • and great for people who want self improvement