Originally from Massachusetts, I have lived in Hawaii for 15 years. I have always been active since I was a small child. Since the age of 7, I was involved in an intensive dance training program which lasted through my teen years. While in college, I was able to pursue my passion for horses. My career as an equestrian in Dressage allowed me to successfully teach, compete and train horses and riders on the east coast. Simultaneously I was teaching group exercise and personal training part time at a local gym. I fell in love with pilates almost 20 years ago after having taken a pilates workshop to maintain my certifications. After having vacationed in Hawaii, I decided to make Oahu my home permanently. I now teach Pilates full time. I am a Level 2 certified STOTT Pilates instructor, a Level 2 certified GYROTONIC ® Pulley Tower instructor, certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and TRX instructor. 
I understand how important maintaining a long-term fitness lifestyle is for core stability, flexibility, and endurance. Having extensive training on all the apparatus, I enjoy teaching and working with all ranges of clients abilities and ages. My goal is to safely help improve clients quality of life through movement.



Pilates Instructor

Certifications:                                                                                                                                                      2013 Balanced Body Certified Pilates Instructor
2008 National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer                                    2017 National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Weight Loss Specialist                          2017 International Coach Federation Associate Certified Coach
2017 Newfield Certified Coach

Degree:                                                                                                                                                              Master’s in Public Health: Epidemiology
Bachelors of Science in Biological Sciences
Minor in Exercise and Sports Studies: Group Fitness Instruction

Areas of Specialty:                                                                                                                                                     I specialize in delivering safe, challenging, and fun customized workouts to produce holistic results for clients of all fitness levels.

Teaching style:                                                                                                                                                          I create a sacred space to feed your body, mind, and soul.

Why did you start practicing and decide to teach:                                                                                    I started practicing Pilates in my early 20’s to alleviate back pain that inhibited my ability to walk, run, play basketball, and stay active. Finding Pilates changed my life. As I improved my core strength and mobility, I enhanced my body awareness and understanding of biomechanics. I had already worked in the wellness industry for several years at that point, but Pilates took my skills as a trainer to the next level which enabled me to address the root of my clients’ mechanical imbalances. I teach Pilates because it buys people more time to be active, healthy, and happy.

Three words that describe yourself:                                                                                              Authentic, Empathic, Caring

Philosophy for Training:                                                                                                                                  My training philosophy is to equip seekers to evolve in body, mind, and spirit toward kicking ass at life.

Your mission as a trainer:                                                                                                                                    My mission is to be a catalyst propelling clients toward health and happiness



Sridevi Fournier



Areas of Specialty: 

Teaching style: 

Why did you start practicing and decide to teach:     

    Sridevi Fournier was born and raised on the island of O’ahu, where she enjoyed playing sports, dancing, climbing mountains and swimming in the ocean. In 2007 she moved to Los Angeles to attend LMU where she graduated with her BFA in Dance. She was introduced to Pilates in the University dance program and was very excited to find such a good way to work out and develop muscle strength and flexibility. She was impressed by how much her Pilates instructors knew about the body and how they helped her find muscles that she did not know how to use.
    During the summer of 2009, Sridevi took a massage certification course at IPSB, the Institute of Psycho Structural Balancing. She learned and developed a greater awareness of all of the muscles and bones of the body and their functions. She also learned that the body and mind are directly related and our bodies mold to our perception and interactions in the world. This means that most people, who have spent years carrying heavy back packs and spending a lot of time bent over and slouching at a desk, do not have good/correct body alignment or posture. Practicing Pilates is very beneficial for correcting muscle imbalances and for developing and maintaining a good posture. Pilates helped Sridevi overcome what could have been crippling injuries and allows her to rejoice in an active lifestyle.
    In the summer of 2010 she received her Pilates teacher certification through the BASI Pilates training program with an emphasis in Pilates for dancers. With a background in Pilates, Yoga Therapy, dance, anatomy, and massage, she looks forward to working with you!
    Most of all, Sridevi has always been interested in making the world a better place, and she feels that one of the best ways to do this is by helping others remain functional and happy by taking proper care of themselves. She understands how important it is to live a healthy life free of pain.
    These days Sridevi enjoys teaching Pilates, doing Pilates, dancing, aerial dancing, hiking, cooking, practicing yoga, playing, traveling, and enjoying life!