Introductory PackageS*

If you are new to Pilates or just getting back in to it, we offer two introductory packages.  Our Solo Intro Package is one person, 3 individual sessions, each at 55 minutes in length for $180.00 (plus tax).  

If you and a friend are getting started at the same time we also have our Duet  Intro Package, which is two people, 3 duet sessions together, each at 55 minutes in length for $120.00 per person (plus tax). We hope this encourages those new to Pilates to take advantage of our excellent one on one instruction. Its a great way to learn the basics allowing you to get more out of your individual sessions or classes.

  Contact us if you'd like to sign up. 


*Package can only be purchased once per client. All introductory packages must be used within 30 days.